Updated: Feb 07, 2022

Welcome to IWoTM

The Hong Kong Society of Robotics and Automation(HKSRA) takes the pleasure to invite you to the 2019 International Workshop on Text Mining (IWoTM 2019) which will be held on 23 – 25 August in Vancouver, Canada. IWoTM 2019 will be commenced by creating an amalgamated global platform where enthusiastic researchers, policymakers, stakeholders, and intellectual scholars get together for a common purpose of identifying the challenges and issues in Text Mining and sustainable methods to solve the particular issues by their combined research findings.

The Number Of Hainan Mahjong

Mahjong is a skill and chance game that is similar to rummy in that the goal is to gather related groups of tiles. However, the set of tiles and rules are far more complex than in rummy.

How To Play Chinese Dou Dizhu

Fight the Landlord (Dou Di Zhu) is a three-player climbing game that may also be played by four players. One player, the "landlord," plays alone in each hand, while the others form a team.

Analysis Of The Fighting Landlord Formula

Card counting is a method of determining whether the player or the dealer has the upper hand in the upcoming hand. Card counters are advantage players who keep track of how many high and low valued cards are dealt in order to reduce the casino's edge.

Peer Review General And Ethics Of Review

The peer review process is crucial, and our committee members must adhere to strict guidelines. Fairness in judgement, expertise in the field, and carefully crafted comments that help authors improve their papers and work